click here for the official website of Broosistan and here for a teaser of Broosistan in Venice, Italy.

In times where the definition of a people, a nation are topical issues, where borders suddenly appear or vanish, where the role of the arts is questioned, we are looking for enlightened ideas that could be answers to our questions. Often these new ideas are a result of a long term vision, sustainable answers that can resist time.

In this complex, globalized society it is not evident to find a neutral zone, a tranquil place that allows us to reflect on what the function of a nation is, what defines a people, how a nation should be organized, what role arts can play in the foundation of a nation.

In search of solutions to major global problems, such as overpopulation, climate change, violence, racism, etc. , artistic collective Schellekens & Peleman created the state of Broosistan. This fictitious state lacks permanent inhabitants and thus, according to the artists, is the solution to many manmade topical problems.

Broosistan lacks borders, a permanent location and a set of laws.

Instead it only welcomes visitors for the time its soil is unfolded. This enables the country to pack up as soon as problems arise and move on to its next location. To create a foundation for Broosistan in each country it visits, Schellekens & Peleman invite artists to create the characteristic symbols of a nation: a flag, a hymn, a dance, a dish, poetry, etc. In doing so, new divisions of the country of Broosistan are provided with its basic needs.

Each time the country is unfolded in its host country these new symbols are used and displayed to visitors. When the time for Broosistan has come to move on to its next destination, all creations are added to the National Art Gallery and wander the world with Broosistan.

The fictitious country of Broosistan is a place for a broad audience to gather, to become part of an art work that invites to reflect, that wants to be a travelling collection for the arts.

In this artwork we see a contradiction between the work and the critique of the artists. Schellekens & Peleman see short term thinking as the cause of many global problems, but then again their own solution, Broosistan, is very much an example of the same short term thinking. This deliberate ironic contradiction triggers a mental conflict and is meant to invite people to reflect on what they see.

The solution is, just as the grass, artificial. What remains honest and true are the works of the invited artists.

Schellekens & Peleman wish to stress the importance of the role of the arts in society and to reverse the idea that a nation is meaningless with no inhabitants, but can continue without its art.















































































































































































































































































































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