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The EOPA were held in Antwerp, with the support of poet Peter Holvoet-Hanssen and artists Evelyne Desmedt, Wilfried Bossier, Mink Chonsamoe, Ann De keersmaecker, Walter Grimm, Ingrid De Ceuleneer, Isabelle Geeroms, Steven Janssens en Dimitri Janssens.

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all following pics © Walter Grimm

eopa-42 (Walter Grimm) eopa-33 (Walter Grimm) eopa-36 (Walter Grimm) eopa-35 (Walter Grimm) eopa-26 (Walter Grimm) eopa c Walter Grimm

foto Walter Grimm

foto Walter Grimm

foto Walter Grimm

eopa-30 (Walter Grimm)