Schellekens, visual artist, lives and works in Antwerp, °1974

Schellekens, vacuum painting

“Schellekens’ and Peleman’s art practice enters into a direct dialogue with our society. It goes often in direct confrontation with the public, provoking and inviting them to be part of the artistic expression that often only can exist by the presence of the viewer. They activate the public and emphasize on the ‘art for all’-idea, but never without losing the focus on the artistic inherent quality. Their works invite to reflect and question accepted realities in a way that their body of art is strongly connected with human nature and society.Their works and performances are at the same time iconic and embedded in social networks, they relate to all of us.”

  • Jan Moeyaert, intendant Art Festival Watou



• December, Schellekens, Secondroom, Antwerp, Belgium
• September, Schellekens & Peleman, Graphic Matters, Breda, The Netherlands
• September, Schellekens, Arenberg Schouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium
• August, Schellekens, Ongezien #2, Museumnacht, Antwerp, Belgium
• June, Schellekens, Berkeley, San Francisco, USA
• June, Schellekens, Ephemeral Thoughts, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
• June, Schellekens & Peleman, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
• April – May, Schellekens, Artefactory, Labo, Leuven, Belgium
• April, Schellekens & Peleman, Me, The West & The Middle East, Brussels, Belgium
• April, Schellekens & Peleman, The Crystal Ship, Ostend, Belgium

• December 1st – 18th, Schellekens, ‘Visions’, Bow Arts Center, London, UK
• September – November, Schellekens, ‘Mission Impossible’, Kunstenlab, Deventer ,The Netherlands
• September – November, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘OP.RECHT.MECHELEN’, Mechelen, Belgium
• September – October, Schellekens, ‘I Muri Parlano’, Rome and Lucca, Italy
• August, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘Floating Art’, Vejle, Denmark
• July 16th – 18th, Schellekens, ‘Kunstaltonale’, Hamburg, Germany
• June 24 – 26th, Schellekens, Schellekens & Peleman and van Breevoort, ‘Kunstvijver’, Boechout, Belgium
• June 20th, Schellekens & Peleman and van Breevoort, ‘World Refugee Day’, Ghent, Belgium
• May, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘Can a Person be Illegal’, Uppsala University, Sweden
• May, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘Hawila Project’, Helsingør and Copenhagen, Denmark
• February, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘Moving Stories’, Antwerp, Belgium

• November, Schellekens & Peleman, Sale Docks, Venice, Italy
• September, Schellekens, ‘I Muri Parlano’, Brussels, Belgium
• March, Schellekens & Peleman, ‘Rotspaleis’, Antwerp, Belgium

• July – August, Schellekens, Art Festival Watou, Watou, Belgium
• July – August, Schellekens & Peleman, Art Festival Watou, Watou, Belgium
• June, Schellekens, ‘Show me your ID’, Kavka Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
• May, Schellekens & Peleman, city center, Antwerp, Belgium

• September, Schellekens, ‘European Ordinary People Awards’, city center, Antwerp, Belgium
• March, Schellekens, 24h art marathon, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium
• Schellekens, various group exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium


2012 – 2014: Monumental Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium



















































































































































































































































































































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